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Our company has repair tools for your needs. Just collect, repair and return.

Hand tools

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Hand Tools

Tape measure
Claw Hammer, Philips Head, Flat Head Screwdrivers,
Spanners and sockets, Shifter A couple, Pliers,
Hack Saw, Wood Saw, Square,
Chalk line, Multigrips, Level,
File, Chisel, Allen Keys,
Bevel, Tin Snips, Pinch bar,
Mash Hammer, Vice

Power Tools

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Power Tools

Cordless Drill, Hammer Drill, Power Saw-Cutting, Belt Sander, Miter Saw, Air Compressor and Nail Gun, 5-inch Rotary Sander, Dremel Multi-Max, Jigsaw

Our Handy Men

Employee Deshly

I used to be a constuction worker earning $800 a month. Now with WeKenFix I earn $3000.

Employee of the month Kenneth

I worked hard and earned employee of the month. Received an extra of $800 for my work.